Sanguinololu PCB v1.3a

Professionally manufactured PCB version 1.3a of Sanguinololu (SL) with dual sided silkscreen and through-plated holes. This is just the PCB, no components mounted!

SL is a simplified version of RAMPS, and the Arduino was integrated into the PCB! This gives you a complete solution for the price of what normally would be just the shield! With this board, you do NOT need an Arduino Mega anymore.

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You wanted cheaper electronics? We have them. Sanguinololu is an excellent electronics, but more stripped down to what is really needed. Where for instance RAMPS has a lot more pins available for expansion, the Sanguinololu has 14 (which really is enough to add all thinkable features in the near future), and supports both a hot-end and a heated bed.



  • Small design - board is 100mm x 50mm (4" x 2") - barely an inch longer than a business card!
  • Sanguino clone, Atmel's ATmega644P - ATmega1284 drop-in compatible!!
  • Up to 4 Pololu (or Pololu compatible) on-board (X,Y,Z,Extruder) (A4988/A4983 without voltage regulator)
  • Supports multiple power configurations
-- Logic & Motors supplied by ATX power supply (needs molex harddrive connector, and optional 4pin atx connector for additional 12v)
-- Motors supplied by 5mm screw terminal 7-35V
-- Logic supplied by USB bus
-- Logic supplied by optional on-board voltage regulator (molex harddrive connector cannot be installed at the same time)
Supports multiple communication configurations
-- FT232RL on-board for USB connectivity
-- USB2TTL header is available for FTDI cable, or BlueSMIRF bluetooth module
  • 2 thermistor connectors with circuitry
  • 2 N-MOSFETs for extruder/bed, or whatever
  • Selectable 12v/5v endstop voltage
  • Edge connectors enabling right-angle connections
  • Silkscreen for connectors on both sides of the board, facilitating bottom cable connections
  • 14 Extra pins available for expansion and development - 6 analog and 8 digital, with the following capabilities
-- UART1 (RX and TX)
-- I2C (SDA and SCL)
-- PWM pin (1)
-- Analog I/O (6)
  • All through-hole components (except FTDI chip) for easy DIY soldering


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