RAMPS 1.3 components kit

RAMPS 1.3 components kit

This is a kit that holds all components you need for your RAMPS v1.3 PCB assembly.

We've included normal headers instead of stackable headers, since the Pololu's are too high to fit a daughter shield on top anyways.

See complete description for exact contents.

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1 x 100nF capacitor 
3 x 10uF capacitor 
1 x 100uF capacitor 
3 x 4.7K resistor (metal film)  
8 x 100K resistor (metal film)
1 x 1k resistor (metal film)
3 x N-channel Mosfet  
2 x 1N4004 diode
1 x PTC resettable fuse (30V, Hold5A, Trip10A) 
1 x PTC resettable fuse (16V, Hold11A, Trip22A)
1 x 5.08 Eurostyle screw terminal  
1 x 3mm Green Red LED
1 x Push button switch  
1 x Power jack (Plug and fixed receptacle)  
2 x 40 pin single male pinheader
2 x 25 pin double male pinheader
2 x 40 pin female pinheader
12 x  0.1" Jumpers


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