What do I need for a Prusa?

What do I need for a Prusa? is the question we hear the most.

Our answer: Our Prusa kit we're about to start selling! We're waiting for the last parts to come in, and then we'll have a one-stop solution for you. Just a few more days (weeks? we hope not!) of patience.

In the mean time, here's the parts you need to get:

  1. A set of threaded and smooth rod cut to size (here!)
  2. A set of plastics: Unfortunately we currently do not provide plastics, be sure to check out your favorite auction site!
  3. Electronics, motors, sensors, cables (here!)
  4. A power supply (here!)
  5. Nuts and bolts for the frame (here!)
  6. A hotend and extruder (here!)
  7. A lower plate, upper plate, and springs to needed elasticity (here!)
  8. Belts to drive the X carriage and Y plate (here!)
  9. Tie wraps to wrap it all together (here!)

You will also need some common tools, such as an M3 and M8 drill (electric screwdriver with drillbits on it is usually fine), a knife, an M3 and M4 hex screwdriver, an M8 key, some cutters ans some pliers. Just get those at your local DIY shop.

By default, all our parts come uncleaned, unassembled. To assemble electronics, you will also need a soldering iron and some solder. Be sure you get solder that's nice quality and a soldering iron with a pointy tip, as RAMPS has some contact points that are pretty close to eachother.

You can also ask us to do the cleaning / assembling. We'd love to do this for you, but this does add extra time to your order, as we will start assembly after you have completed your order with us.

Offcourse you can check out the Prusa page on the Reprap wiki: http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa.
This page has all details and ins and outs on the Prusa.


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