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Any availability listed on the website is an indication only. Due to simultanious orders, availability of items could be off. We will inform you if any items are on backorder


We ship from the Netherlands. Just so you know what to take into account when thinking about taxes and customs duties.


Please, only use 1 account as often as you can. It will save us a lot of trouble, and it will save you double entry of all your personal and payment details


We speak Dutch and English fluently, all other languages we'll use Google translate to find out what you mean. If we do not understand your request, we will kindly ask you to translate it for us in either Dutch (and we'd be impressed) or English. Also, please refrain from using foul language. We are running this webshop both as a service to the community and out of our own passion, and would really like to enjoy running it for a lot longer.


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